Ticket Instructions

Your Digital Ticket

Tickets that purchased from StreamZy are sent to our customers by e-mail.

When you buy a ticket, you will receive an e-mail from tickets@streamzy.co.uk with the subject "Your Ticket For EVENT NAME".

In this e-mail, there is a PDF file attached.

Please check your JUNK e-mails if you can't see it in your INBOX.

You can also download your ticket on your "Checkout Completed" page.

If you are a registered customer, you can re-download your tickets by following your My Account-> Orders -> Order Details -> Download Ticket link.

How To Watch The Event

Open your PDF Ticket File.

Click the "WATCH NOW" link on bottom right , just below the QR Code.

"WATCH NOW" link is also included in your e-mail at the bottom. You can simply click on the link to watch your event.

Alternatively you can scan the QR Code in your ticket file, from your device's camera.

This will take you to Streamzy Stage page.

If you have created a Pin Code for your ticket, enter your Pin Code.

Now you are on your Events Stage Page.

If you check-in earlier than 30 minutes before the event start time, you will see a note, indicating that the event is not started yet. Simply refresh your page 30 minutes before event start time.

If you see the player, which is available 30 minutes before event start time, wait for the event to start.

If You Have Forgotten Your Pin Code

If you have forgotten your Pin Code, click "Forgotten your pin code?" link on "Welcome To StreamZy Stage" page.

Enter your e-mail address that you have entered on checkout.

We will send you a Pin Code Reset e-mail.

Reset your pin code.

Click "Go To Stage".

Enjoy the event.

If you don't remember which e-mail address you have provided, contact us via e-mail at info@streamzy.co.uk

Try To Test Your Ticket The Day Before The Event

Try using your ticket at least one day before the event startup time to see how it works.

This way we can help you in advance to solve your access problems so that you won't be rushed on the day.

If you have any problem during this test, please contact info@streamzy.co.uk

How Can I Watch The Events On TV or Big Screen

Our vide player if a Web Based video player.

You can use any device which has a standart web browser support, such as computers with Windows, Mac or mobile devices like, phones, tablets with IOS , android etc..

To cast your video on TV or Big Screen, the best way is to use an HDMI cable connection from your computer or device

You can use Apple Air Play to cast your video to TV via Apple TV or any supported device. You will see Air Play icon on our player. Simply click on it and select your screen to cast your vide on.

Unfortunately we don't support Google Chrome Cast for now. Please use an HDMI cable in this case.


Our productions are high quality in terms of Visual and Audio. We advise to listen on hiqh quality speakers ar headphones to get most out of productions.

For further queires please feel free to contact us at info@streamzy.co.uk

Kind Regards.

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