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If you missed our very first opening LIVESTREAM concert from the historical famous 100 CLUB London, don't worry. You can still buy tickets at a reduced price and watch this fantastic and professionally HD recorded livestream concert with studio quality audio. Ray Gelato is credited for helping kick off the Swing revival in the early '80s. This interest in vintage Swing/Jazz and R&B went massive in the '90s, spreading all over the US, and spawning bands like The Brian Setzer Big Band and The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies to name but a few.
Vegan Gluten Free" is a one woman show written and performed by Lucia Tong
"Like a Fairy Tale" is an original shadow puppet adventure for the whole family written and performed by dreamer (puppeteer) Şahan Satış with a five piece band.
A Chinese mother straddling Eastern and Western expectations while navigating the perilous path of perfect parenthood. This physical and comedic show that takes raw and honest look at personal migrant heritage and the struggle to meet modern expectations.
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