How It Works

StreamZy is an online and LIVESTREAM event organiser, event publisher and ticketing system.

You can buy a digitial ticket for our events. Our digital ticketing system is a reliable and secure way of watching online or real venue events.

When you buy a ticket for an event, the e-ticket file will be sent to your email address. You can also download the ticket(s) at checkout after successful payment.

An optional, but strongly advised option is to create a personal 4 digit pin code for added security on your e-ticket. This will protect your ticket(s) from being used by others, even if it is stolen.

To join online events, scan the QR Code of your ticket with your smart phone or simply click the WATCH NOW button on your ticket. This will direct you to the Streamzy Stage where your online and livestream events are published.

If your event is not online and is a traditional live venue event, just show your ticket at the venue gate and join the event.

If your event is cancelled or if you had any technical problem that prevented you from joining the event, please contact us for a refund.

StreamZy is an easy to use platform for customers and content providers. No need to register, no usernames, no passwords etc.

Simply buy your ticket and enjoy the event.

Our platform is open to any content provider who wants to publish their online content and sell tickets for their guests.

More events and info will be published soon.

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StreamZy Ltd.

London, UK

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