Album Launch Concert
8 MAY 2021
08:00 PM UK's Local Time
07:00 PM UTC
St Mary Music Hall ,London

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'A truly magical and uplifting cross-cultural collaboration, bringing together Afro-Latin, Funk and Soul elements with a Senegalese twist. The wonderful voice of Biram Seck and Thibaut Remy’s compositions make for an unmissable combo. Must See!'  Tim Garcia (Jazz FM/Musica Macondo)

Bringing a distinctive eastern take on Afrobeat” Lopa Kothari, BBC Radio 3

“Awalé are doing something different with Afrobeat and I do like it.” The late Charlie Gillett, BBC Radio


A host of horns, trumpets, sax, electric guitar and traditional Senegalese drums all feature on Awale Jant Band’s new studio album – YEWOULEN –Senegalese soul recorded and mixed in the heart of south London’s Peckham Road Studios, SE15. Awale Jant Band have good reason to celebrate! The band’s last 2019 concert was an all-African celebration headed by "perhaps the greatest drummer ever" (Brian Eno), Nigerian percussion master Tony Allen and then straight into 2020, with YEWOULEN - their first signed album for international release on the ARC Music label.

YEWOULEN means ‘Wake up’ in Wolof with lyrics written by Senegalese singer Biram Seck and music from composer, engineer and band leader, French guitarist Thibaut Remy. Thibaut’s album engineering credits include co-producer on The Turbans last self-titled album where he worked alongside Jerry Boys from the world famous Buena Vista series and production wizard of all things pan-African, Tom Excell.

YEWOULEN is a call for people to wake up from their usual ways, to wake up to what unites them, to look at how they can work together as opposed to their differences. This is reflected in the title track ‘Yewoulen’ with its mixed elements of jazz improvisation with sabar drumming (Senegalese drum). The track features Biram’s vocals soaring over a soulful arrangement. As Thibaut Remy says,

“When I listen to Biram singing I think he’s an American soul singer, but he is a Senegalese soul singer… that’s the kind of associations we want people to make with this music… I guess that’s what we’d like people to feel with this music that it kind of joins the dots between cultures.”

Singer, songwriter Biram Seck is from Dakar, the son of a gawlo (story-teller). Biram’s father was a master of the traditional West African guitar/banjo, the xalam. As Biram says,

"I love music because it is a means of communicating ideas to broaden minds and build an integrated world... a world of peace!"

Songs of peace and unity feature on YEWOULEN sung in Wolof by Biram Seck. Electrifying rhythmic explorations between drums and Senegalese sabar drums while the horn section travels from Ethiojazz to Fania All Stars seamlessly.

YEWOULEN follows on from Awale’s debut album JUST HAVE TO GROW, co-produced by Nick Page whose credits include Jah Wobble and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. YEWOULEN is released internationally through ARC Music on Friday, March 27th, 2020.


1. SOPE 03:49
2. DOMI ADAMA 6:42
4. JULES 5:31
5. AMANDINE 4:35
6. JUST BE FREE 2:53
7. KASSAK 3:36
8. JEUNESSE 4:25
9. YEWOULEN 6:43


Biram Seck - Vocals
Thibaut Remy - Guitar, synth
Mike Idowu - Bass
Kaw Secka - Sabar drums (traditional Senegalese drums)
John Martin – Saxophone
Ben Brown – Drums
George Jefford - Trumpet


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